The township is currently working on the issue of short-term rentals along with many other townships and the state legislature. This page is a place to find related information as the Planning Commission and Board of Trustees work through this issue.

Proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance

The Planning Commission agreed to move these proposed changes forward to the Board of Trustees.

Memo from Williams & Works 

Re: proposed changes from 12/20 meeting

Zoning Ordinance Changes

Revised following the Special Hearing on January 24th.

Final Short-Term Regulatory Ordinance & Resolution to Pass the Ordinance

Resolution # 12218-2

Final Short-Term Rental Regulatory OrdinanceDiscussed and Approved 01/22/2018

Obselete Short-Term Rental Regulatory Ordinance Drafts

Draft Ordinance 11/22/17 Discussed at 12/11 Special Board Meeting

Draft Ordinance 11/10/2017  Discussed at 11/20 Board Meeting

Draft Ordinance 9/17/2017  Discussed at 9/18 Board Meeting

Forms & Policy

Good Neighbor Policy

Short-Term Rental Voluntary Registration Form

Neighborhood Complaint Report Form

Updated Noise Ordinance

Miscellaneous Planning Commission Meeting Documents

​Williams & Works Document 12/1 Memo re: Zoning Ordinance amendments

10 Questions Document

Minutes from the Resident Advisory Committee Workshops​:

March 23, 2017

April 11, 2017

Short-Term Rentals