Treasurer's Office:
The Treasurer's Office is open for payment of taxes, license fees, and permits. 

The Treasurer's Office is open:
Tuesday & Wednesday 9:30 - 1:00

Note:  February 29th is the last day to pay property taxes at the Township Hall. Starting  March 1st all payments must be made at the Allegan County Courthouse at the Treasurer's office.

​To change your mailing address, fill out this form and mail or email it to us.

To apply for a tax deferment, fill out this form. This will allow you to delay payment of your Summer or Winter taxes. if you have questions about this, call Kenny, 269-637-4441, ext. 2 or email him at

Deputy Treasurer  Janet Knisley
269-637-4441  Ext 3


Township Treasurer  Kenny Clevenger
269-637-4441  Ext 2


Treasurer's Office