Township Business 

How do I know when the Township Hall is open?
The Hall is open for business: Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
Click here for specific office hours.

The foyer is always open for reviewing posted notices, dropping off tax payments, election ballots, or registrations via the drop box or returning library books to the Fennville Library via the book drop off.

Can I attend the Township Board and Committee meetings?
Yes, all meetings are open to the public and dates of upcoming meetings are posted on the Home page of this website.

How/Where do I register to vote?
You can register at the township hall or at any Secretary of State's office. For questions, you can contact Cheri Brenner (269-637-441 ext 4), Township Clerk or Kathy Stanton, (269-637-4441 ext 5) Deputy Township Clerk.

Where do I vote?
All voting for Casco Township takes place at the Casco Township Hall. The hall is located at 7104 107th Ave., South Haven, MI 49090, between Blue Star Highway and 71st St.

When are tax bills sent out?
Bills are mailed around July 1st and early December 

How can I pay my tax bill?
You can mail your payment in, visit the Treasurer's Office at Casco Township Hall to pay your bill in person, or put it in the locked drop box in the the township hall lobby..

How do I contest my tax bill?
You must file a protest to appear before the Board of Review. For more information, visit the Taxes and Assessments page on this website.

Where do I get Building Permits?
Building Permits are handled by the Building Inspector's office, for more information on the process or to download the Building Permit Application, visit the Building & Zoning page.

Is there a Master Plan for the township?
Yes. You can download a copy of the Master Plan or the Zoning Ordinance on this website. 

What sorts of services are provided for senior citizens in the Casco township area?
Casco Senior Services provides a variety of ongoing services that range from sponsored luncheons to exercise classes. For more information visit the Senior Services page on this website.

General Services

Who provides emergency medical services for Casco Township?
Dial 911 for emergency services, which will be dispatched out of Allegan. 

How is law enforcement provided for Casco township?
The Allegan County Sheriff's department supports Casco Township along with the rest of the county. Casco also has a dedicated deputy sheriff, Cesar Cano, who supports the township 40 hours/week. To reach the Sheriff for immediate action, dial 911 for assistance.

Where is the fire department and how do we contact them?
Fire fighting services are provided by South Haven; dial 911 to for emergency assistance.

What are the closest hospitals?
Bronson Hospital in South Haven, Holland Hospital, and Allegan General Hospital are all within a half hour of the township hall. South Haven is closest, 6.7 miles from the township hall. Holland and Allegan General Hospitals are both just under 24 miles from the township hall.

How do I get a burn permit?

Call SHAES (South Haven Area Emergency Services) at 269-639-3473.

What schools do Casco Township students attend?
Most of the township is within the South Haven school district, but the north eastern area of the township is part of the Fennville School District, and the south eastern tip of the township attends Bloomingdale Schools.

Are there any charter schools in the Casco Township area?
No, not currently

Where is the closest Post Office, and how is mail delivered?
Mail is delivered via rural route service to your mailbox. The closest full-service post offices are in South Haven (49090) and Fennville (49408). 

What are the closest libraries for the Casco Township area?
Fennville and South Haven both have full-service libraries and Fennville Library provides drop off service at the township hall for returns.

Who provides land line phone service for the Casco Township area?
Frontier Communications, more information available at

What cell phone service works in Casco Township?
Generally, all cell providers have access to towers throughout the area, which all provide spotty service right along the lakeshore.

What internet service providers are available in Casco Township?

Fiber Optic/Wireless Towers

The newest internet option - locally owned provider - high-speed, unlimited access:

DSL Lines:

Frontier provides two levels of DSL service, available if you are within adequate distance of a signal station:

Satellite Dishes:
Exceed and HughesNet provide satellite service, which requires clear access to sky in a southwesterly direction:  

Cellular Hotspots:
​If you can get a clear cell phone signal, providers offer hotspots that get their signals from local cell phone towers. High-speed, limited access with a variety of data packages. 

See the websites for local service providers.

Are there any public beaches in Casco Township?
There is currently public beach access via stairs at the 1st Street Beach. The Casco Preserve on blue Star north of 107th currently does not have stair access to the beach due to high water levels. Access there will be restored when the Lake Michigan water level drops.

Are there any State Parks in Casco Township?
No, the closest State Park is in South Haven.

Are there any cemeteries in Casco Township?
There are three township managed cemeteries: McDowell, Stephenson, and Stuller. For more information, visit the Cemeteries page on this website.

How do I get rid of animal carcasses?

Allegan county no longer picks up animal carcasses due to budget cuts. You can hire a company to come remove them for you and here is a list of companies you can contact.

Frequently Asked Questions