Andy Litts

634 64th St.   269-214-7736


Dan Fleming
Representing the Board of Trustees
6756 109th Ave.   269-227-3725

Diane Liepe
Representing  the ZBA
6519 102nd Avenue   269-637-2962

Kelly Hecker
1155 64th Street   269-673-6940  

Ryan Brush

6696 107th Avenue   269-214-6935


Irene Wood

6895 107th Avenue    269-341-0154



Greg Knisley

7421 Baseline Rd.   269-370-7776


Recording Secretary:
Jennifer Goodrich

Michigan Township Services    269-673-3239

To read or download minutes from the meetings, click here.

2023 Meeting Schedule:
January 18, Regular Mtg, 6pm

January 25, Workshop Mtg, 6pm

February 15, Regular Mtg, 6pm
March 15, Regular Mtg, 6pm

April 19, Regular Mtg, 6pm

April 26, Workshop Mtg, 6pm
May 15, Regular Mtg, 6pm
June 21 , Regular Mtg, 6pm
July 19, Regular Mtg, 6pm

July 26, Workshop Mtg., 6pm 

August 16, Regular Mtg, 6pm
September 20, Regular Mtg, 6pm

October 18, Regular Mtg, 6pm

October 15, Workshop Mtg., 6pm 
November 15, Regular Mtg, 6pm

December 20, Regular Mtg, 6pm 

Annual Events:
January: Annual election of Planning Commission Officers
June: Annual Township Meeting 

December: Establish Calendar for the
following year

Planning Commission

The Casco Township Planning Commission meets monthly to discuss issues related to the Township's zoning rules. See the meeting schedule at the bottom of this page. 

Click here for a copy of the Planning Commission ByLaws.

Click here to view/download a printable copy of the Casco Township Master Plan.  

Click here to view, search, and/or print the Zoning Ordinance

Additional information is available for download here:
Zoning Map
Natural Features Map
Water Sewer District
Existing Land Use Map
Future Land Use Map
Topography Map
Farmland Preservation

Contact the Zoning Administrator, Tasha Smalley, about submitting documents for site plan reviews or other Planning Commission business:

Email: mtsallegan@frontier.com
Phone: (269) 673-3239
At the township hall:
Tues: 12:30pm - 2:30pm

(on Vacation the weeks of July 17-21 and August 14-17, 2023)
(269) 637-4441