We have all experienced challenges caused by the pandemic and the functions of the township have taken many turns as we balanced concerns for health and mandates and the desire to serve our residents.   There are some new faces and it clearly was a learning experience. I hope each of you came through it healthy.

It has been a busy winter and spring as we have engaged in more and more normal activities.  We have transitioned all of our meetings from virtual back to face-to-face.  I would like to thank everyone for their efforts especially Kathy Stanton who was our tech person and shifted her schedule around to ensure the meetings met all the legal requirements and public participation was accommodated.   The day to day needs were met and I would like to thank everyone of our part-time employees, volunteers, and elected officials for keeping the lights on and the residents served. 

Today, COVID mitigation measures have been replaced by fears of economic uncertainty.  The Township is no exception as we consider decisions and how they effect the budget.  We have to try and meet your expectations while dealing with some new realities.  Part-time workers are almost non-existent and our Sexton had difficulties getting the Cemeteries in shape by Memorial Day.   Joe and Karen did a great job and by Memorial Day the Cemeteries looked great.  Please thank them, if you see them out working. 

We recently hosted a Free Tire Day at the Transfer Station and like all the rest, it was quite an undertaking.  I appreciated the help provided by the Allegan County Sheriff’s Debt Team.  In addition, I would like to thank the hard work by Alex Overhiser, Rich Barden, Hamlin Farms and the volunteers who helped as they brought their tires in.  It was paid for by a grant the was applied for from EGLE.

As we go forward, we will continue to lean on volunteers and be mindful of everyone’s hard earned tax dollars.  We will continue to look for service at a value.

Allan Overhiser, Supervisor

Notes from the Supervisor  - Volume 4   July, 2022