If the complaint involves any form of criminal activity, call 911 immediately. 

The Rental Hotline Service in Casco Township is provided by Host Compliance llc.. It's for you to use for nuisance violations related to short-term rentals.

To make a complaint or report a concern, call the hotline number and follow the prompts. Depending on the nature of the issue, the call will be directed to the appropriate authority. If the issue is an emergency, you may be directed to call 911.

Please ensure that the address is correct - if the address isn't exactly correct, the emergency contact can't be called.

If you don't choose to contact the hotline but still want to file a complaint, you can use the Rental Complaint Form and send it to the Clerk's office.

Who to Call When


  • Call 911 to report a noisy party that is out of hand, with disorderly conduct.
  • Call Host Compliance if you want to report a group being loud after 10:00 and you'd like them to call the contact to quiet things down.


  • Call 911 (if it is someone who may be trespassing accidentally, talk to them and make them aware of the property line. If it's a child, help them find their parents)


  • If the road is blocked or people are parked on your property, there is a problem. Call 911 and take pictures if possible.
  • If the cars are legally parked on the street and a fire truck can get through, it isn't an actionable situation.

Dogs Running Loose:

  • Call Host Compliance if you know that the dogs belong to a short-term renter and you'd like the contact called to resolve the issue.


  • Call Host Compliance if there is loose trash or containers left out at a short-term rental.

Rental Hotline Number Coming Soon