Final Short-Term Regulatory Ordinance 

Discussed and Approved 01/22/2018

Final Short-Term Rental Regulatory Ordinance

Final Changes to the Zoning Ordinance

Currently awaiting a public vote in August

Final changes to the Zoning Ordinance to Permit Short and Long-Term Renting

Noise Ordinance

Passed in April, 2017

Final Noise Ordinance

Forms & Policy

Good Neighbor Policy

2018 Short-Term Rental Registration Form

To Register a Short-Term Rental, visit the Register a Short-Term Rental Page

​Current Registration List

List of properties currently registered for Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rentals

Status of Short-Term Renting in Casco Township

Casco Township has been working on the issue of short-term rentals for many months.  The Planning Commission proposed and the Board of Trustees passed changes to the Zoning Ordinance that allow both short and long-term rentals in all zoning districts in Casco Township.  Those changes will not take effect unless the Township electors vote in favor of those changes at the primary election to be held August 7, 2018.

On January 22, 2018, the Board of Trustees passed a Regulatory Ordinance to establish rules for registration of short-term rentals and penalties for non-compliance.  The Regulatory Ordinance is in effect and will be enforced for the 2018 rental season, beginning May 15.

On March 19, 2018, the Board of Trustees passed a Moratorium on Enforcement of the current Zoning Ordinance while waiting for the results of the referendum.  This means that for the 2018 rental season, renting will only be regulated in accordance with the Regulatory Ordinance.  All dwellings used for short-term rentals must be registered before renting occurs or advertising to rent takes place.

For more information about registration, see Register a Short-Term Rental.