Status of Short-Term Renting in Casco Township

Casco Township passed changes to the Zoning Ordinance that allow both short and long-term rentals in all zoning districts in Casco Township.  The Board of Trustees also passed a Regulatory Ordinance to establish rules for registration of short-term rentals and penalties for non-compliance.  The Regulatory Ordinance is in effect and will be strictly enforced for the 2019 rental season. All short-term rentals need to be registered by April 1st, 2019 or prior to renting or advertising  to rent.

For more information about registering, see Register a Short-Term Rental.

​​Final Short-Term Regulatory Ordinance 

Discussed and Approved 01/22/2018

Final Short-Term Rental Regulatory Ordinance

Final Changes to the Zoning Ordinance

Final changes to the Zoning Ordinance to Permit Short and Long-Term Renting

Noise Ordinance

Passed in April, 2017

Final Noise Ordinance

Forms & Policy

2019 Good Neighbor Policy

2019 Short-Term Rental Registration Form

November 2018 Report on Short-Term Rentals

Short-Term Rental Report 2018

This report contains information about how many registered short-term rentals there are, where they are, how many complaints were received and of what type.

Short-Term Rentals