Registration Documents
Short-Term Rental Registration Form

Good Neighbor Policy

Current Registration List

Registration Steps:

1 -Thoroughly review the Short-Term Rental Regulatory Ordinance

Download and fill out the Rental Registration Form

Print, and mail or deliver your registration form to the Clerk’s Office with the $200 registration fee made out to Casco Township. 

Contact SHAES (269-637-1813) to arrange for an emergency street number sign (sign $15, post $5) if you don’t already have one.

If you don’t have public sewer, contact the Allegan County Health Department (269-673-5411) Hook to Existing Inspection
You only have to fill out the Residential section of the form, not the Commercial.

6 -
Ensure you have the required 1 million dollar liability insurance

When you receive your registration packet, post theGood Neighbor Policy in the rental dwelling, put your safety “R” sticker on your green SHAES Street Address Marker.

Ensure that all advertising complies with the ordinance 

All requirements must be completed before a rental registration permit is provided.

Register a Short-Term Rental

The Planning Commission has spent months trying to reach a balance between the desire of property owners to rent their homes and non-renters who want to maintain their current neighborhood environment and setting. The Short-Term Rental Regulatory Ordinance is designed to provide consistent standards for all short-term rentals and provide a safe environment for citizens and visitors while maintaining the character of our single-family neighborhoods. The ordinance will be enforced beginning May 15th. 

A few of the highlights are listed here, but it is important to read the full ordinance if you are planning to rent:

Any owner who cannot be on site within an hour of being contacted about a rental issue, must arrange for a local agent who can respond on site in that time frame.

Maximum occupancy for any short-term rental shall not exceed the lesser of 12 total occupants or two occupants per bedroom plus two per finished floor.

A registered short-term rental can be rented for a minimum of 3 nights with only one rental turnover per week.

Any property without public water and public sanitary sewer you must agree to and pay for a septic inspection by the Allegan County Health Department before a rental permit will be granted. 

A rental registration can be revoked by the township when multiple violations of the rental ordinance occur.